Least number of sittings for dental treatment

                                         Least number of sittings for dental treatment

Generally, dentists always perform root canal therapy into two (or more) appointments.
In the 1990's the single-appointment approach began to gain wide-spread acceptance, due to advancements in technology. This made it possible to complete a patient's work in a single sitting without compromising treatment quality

If your tooth's pathology is limited to just a portion of its nerve tissue then the single-visit approach makes an excellent, possibly even preferred, treatment choice at the DentalCare Clinic in Ghatkopar. This scenario could include teeth that require rootcanal treatment due to the exposure of their nerve tissue during dental treatment or tooth fracture, and teeth that are in the early stages of pulp degeneration.

If as the patient you have a preference or a need for comparatively shorter appointments (with the understanding that you will need to schedule more of them) you can let your DrLeena Nayak know, and she would be happy to arrange it for you. You can expect that a single root canal appointment will last somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes.


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