Painless root canal treatment in Ghatkopar

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a root canal treatment? Big syringes, dizzying sound of the drill, swollen faces and lots of tears. Root canals have the reputation of being scary and painful, but the truth is, this dental procedure benefits the patient much more than it harms them. When performed rightly, minimal discomfort is assured.
Dr LeenaNayak has a reputation of providing endodontic treatment which is almost painless.  Root Canal Therapy or Endodontic treatment is a dental procedure in which the diseased or damaged nerve (pulp) of a tooth is removed and the inside areas (the nerve or pulp chamber and root canals) are cleaned, filled and sealed permanently to avoid infection.
 If left untreated, the surrounding tissues of the tooth (including the gums and bone) will become infected and a dental abscess is formed. Not only can a root canal procedure protect your mouth from further damage, it eliminates the pain you may have been experiencing because of the infection.
Dr LeenaNayak's Dental Care Clinic in Ghatkopar offers painless root canal treatment with the help of the following steps:
·         Diagnosis by clinical examination and X-Ray
·         Opening the root canal under local anaesthesia
·         Diseased pulp is extracted, canals are cleaned and shaped.
·         Canals are then filled permanently with a tapered rubbery material called guttapercha and sealed.
·         A crown is placed on the tooth to prevent fracture.

If you have a root canal procedure coming up, you might be psyching yourself up and getting more afraid – unnecessarily so! Book an appointment today with Dr Leena Nayak'sDental Care Clinic at Ghatkopar and undergo a painless root canal treatment.


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